Inside The Perimeter

"Yeah, my friend Steve went to a party at his boss's house, way Outside the Perimeter. I think he forgot to fill his gas tank, and we never heard from him again...."
                             - Phil, Grant Park

"I don't know what the big deal about a lawn is, anyway.  If I had one, I'd just have to mow it, and chase the bums off it!"

                             - Meg, Midtown
Are you ITP?

We live Inside The Perimeter because we love Atlanta's urban lifestyle.

From Buckhead to Midtown to the Virginia-Highlands, ITP'ers know where it's at.

We've captured the self-deprecating “inside joke” of the hip Atlanta scene, in the form of a bumper sticker.  Now, you can bask in your status as you tool up and down Peachtree in your Jetta, and let others know that you're ITP.

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Details:  Sticker is 4" x 6".  Shipping via US Postal Service, only to addresses within 48 continental states.


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